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Jamaican singer, songwriter and percussionist Ras Karbi can only be a household name for some older fans, those who fondly remember exceptional tracks like 'Promised Land' and 'Discrimination'; a song that was very successful in Jamaica in 1976 with its harsh lyrics 'Rasta-against-establishment'. He won the Jamaica song festival in 1983 with the folk hit 'Jamaica, I'll Never Leave You Again', but little has been heard of him since, 'officially', the part of a rare New York appearance at a concert in New York. benefit last year with Michael Rose. He is not only a singer and composer but also an accomplished sculptor, he founded the first edition now of his generation as a sculptor. Karbi danced with Sun Ra's band, he starred in the first Broadway reggae musical in 1980, simply titled 'Reggae'. So you can see, this is a man of many talents, and he had an interesting and beautiful history. Karbi was born and raised in the port city of Spanish Town in Jamaica, growing up in Spanish Town in one way was kind of fun, and on the other side was very rough, because it is a very rough city, some people from Spanish Town too. Because the reputation was that other people in Kingston were afraid to go to Spanish Town because of that fame. Karbi grew up exactly a mile outside of Spanish Town, a mile to the west ... Then again that was also a very rough neighborhood, roughly like the city. It was a neighborhood in Jamaica that you wouldn't go to because it had a bad reputation . But it was fun, Karbi had total freedom to do everything without her parents knowing, she used to go out in the area's channels to fish, and have fun.
Ras Karbi released his own self-produced solo album in 1984 entitled ´´The Seven Seals´´, also known as ´´Singer Of Singers ´´ and had as a support band no less than the members of the Wailers, We The People Band, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Franklyn Bubbler Waul, Robert Lynn and as back vocalists Israel Vibration, The Tamlins, Light Of Love, vocalists Pam Hall, JC Lodge, Aidra Chin & Gem..
The disc was recorded at Channel One, Tuff Gong and Dynamic Sounds in Kingston, Jamaica and featured themes such as Discrimination, Babylon Gravestone, Rascals, Jah Rastaman, Rise Up Jah Jah Children, Jamaica Is Waiting, Longing For Your Touch, Why You Do Me That, Country Life and I'll Never Leave You Again ..
Then he recorded the albums Healing of the Nation Chapter One and Chapter Two and The Original Singer of Singers, a reissue of The Seven Seals, with the addition of Discrimination Dub ..