Riders Against the Storm

'Enough' (1/23/24) - New Release

'The Ones' Music Video


About this artist

Riders Against the Storm (RAS), a husband and wife duo based in Austin, Texas, are the very essence of the cultural phenomenon known as hip hop. Understanding that art and performance are keys to transforming the individual spirit, they have built institutions that aid in this mission, including Body Rock ATX, now running 10 years strong, and RAS Day music festival, a standout of the ATX live music scene for 6 years. Within their music, and central to their purpose as creators, is an upholding of the culture's spiritual integrity, and a contagious celebration of the magic of creating something from ‘nothing.’

Riders Against the Storm are award-winning performance artists, musicians, keynotes, designers, influencers and curators whose contributions cannot be overstated. While their music continues to take hold they are growing their legacy into tech and philanthropic platforms – setting their sights on surfacing indigenous frameworks to inform and shift current business paradigms. Through partnerships with companies like Tito’s Vodka, Lyft, and others, Chaka and Qi Dada intend to create content, music, art, programs, events, and more that spurs social change and inspires awareness amongst their base – guiding us into an era where art and spirit lead our decision-making towards sustainability and wellness.