About this artist

Ralph Puma is not your typical emo kid. Growing up in Yonkers, just outside of New York gave him the edge to always want to strive to do better. He's lived all over the country and learned from all of the places he's loved; bright and sunny pop-punk from Florida, Hardcore, Pop and introspective loneliness growing up in New York, So-Cal Punk living in San Diego and nearest and dearest to his heart how important the songwriting itself is from Nashville.

Ralph has performed in various bands throughout the years including: Asinity, Tonight At Ten, Remember Venice, Palantine, Kill Me Kate, Stop The City and Rosewood Rebels.

Ralph is also creator of “Solace: The Web Series”, a pilot season about a group of Millennials struggling to run a comic book shop.

Ralph is currently working on his debut album and about to release a new single titled: sngbrd.