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Alternative metal band Quicksand emerged from the New York City hardcore scene of the late ’80s, releasing two influential, early- to mid-’90s studio albums. Although a 1997 reunion resulted in a U.S. tour, their subsequent split the following year meant that fans had to wait a further 20 years to see a third album by the group. That return to the studio, 2017’s Interiors, was followed comparatively swiftly by 2021′s acclaimed Distant Populations.
Before coming together in 1990, singer/guitarist Walter Schreifels, guitarist Tom Capone, bassist Sergio Vega, and drummer Alan Cage all honed their chops in a series of local acts, including Youth of Today, the Gorilla Biscuits, and Bold and Beyond. A self-titled EP soon followed, and in 1992 Quicksand issued their Polygram debut, Slip, earning airplay with the single “Dine Alone.” After touring in support of their sophomore effort, 1995′s Manic Compression, the group disbanded, only to attempt an unfruitful reunion two years later before going their separate ways once more.
Quicksand’s former members later cropped up in other outfits (Capone in Handsome, Schreifels in Rival Schools, etc.), and although they never broke out of cult status over the course of their initial two-album career, Quicksand’s influence could still be felt, especially in bands like Grade, Absolve, Thursday, and At the Drive-In, among others. They regrouped in 2012 for a Revelation Records 25th anniversary show, and although the following year brought their first U.S. tour in well over a decade, they soon returned to keeping a low profile.
Then, in August 2017, Quicksand surprised everyone — via their Twitter feed — by announcing the impending release of their long-awaited third LP. The resulting Interiors was issued on Epitaph later that November, but the intervening period saw Capone leave the band. Quicksand continued as a three-piece, releasing 2018′s Triptych Continuum EP before a fourth album, the Will Yip-produced Distant Populations, followed in 2021. ~ Greg Prato & James Wilkinson