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Reggae singer Greg Rose was born in the St. Ann Parish of Jamaica in 1980. He got interested in music and performance early in life, recording first under the stage name Lil Ninja before shuffling through various monikers like Mr. Perfect, Perfect, and ultimately Perfect Giddimani. He began releasing music under the Perfect name in the early 2000s and broke through with the single “Hand Cart Bwoy” in 2004. Excitement for this hit single scored him a record deal, and DHF Records released his debut album, Giddimani, in 2006. The next decade would bring a nonstop stream of music from Perfect Giddimani, with albums such as 2008′s Born Dead with Life, 2009′s Karma, 2011′s Back for the First Time, and many others arriving at a rate of almost one per year. He also released singles at a nonstop clip, issuing dozens of new songs and changing formats with the times from 7” records to digital downloads to streamable content. In late 2009 he formed his own label, Giddimani Records, as an outlet for his relentless creativity, and began releasing his own records as well as occasional collaborations. One such collaboration, 2017′s Chalice Row or Dig a Hole EP by Young Shanty, debuted at number one on Billboard’s reggae chart. Later that same year, Perfect’s 11th album, Live My Life Again, was released and also spent time at the top of Billboard’s reggae chart. ~ Fred Thomas