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Payton Campbell, born October 14th, is an American Rapper best known by his stage name Paydro. Paydro began making music at the young age of 10; he never really took it seriously until he turned 21. Raised in low-income apartments, he began his quest to find a way to make a change with his explosive talents. Paydro has been consistent with regional bangers like, “Count up the Bag" featuring Kai Kenn & "Diamonds," featuring 4K. Now he is back with his consistent offerings “Street Blessings”, “Martin & Gina” and an action-packed 2021 release schedule which led off with the heatseeker “Feel Like The Bank”. Wherever Paydro performs, his movement is sure to follow. Paydro brings the drive, the determination, and the persistence to no doubt succeed. It's only a matter of time. (@paydrobce). Booking/Contact:

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