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Progressive psychedelic trance project based in Beer Sheva, Israel

There comes the moment in every man’s life when it is his turn to take from that horn of plenty which carries the pleasures on manhood. One of the of the most precious items Israeli Omri Amar picks is a mixtape full of magic frequencies. They call it Psytrance. What the 12-year old doesn’t know at this moment: It shall not only change his life, but also the life of many others. Only few years later he provides a rousing soundtrack for psychedelic pleasures himself. Still a teenager, Omri already plays in one league with long-running producer bigwigs. Today his tracks can be found in countless music collections, his energetically nodding head can be seen on stages all around the world.

If a 19-year old is already remixing one of his early idols, it can rightly be said: That’s pretty neat. Omri does so. As one half of the project Analyzer he wins a remix contest for Astrix and kick-starts his career as a producer in 2008. Obviously there is quite some talent involved, together with his go-getting power it results in an explosive and mind bending mixture. Those are also the main attributes of his solo productions, which he delivers under the name Omiki since 2012. Exactly this approach towards modern Psytrance makes him a perfect match for the high-octane philosophy of Amplidudes Records. Considering the great experience he gathered over the years and a variety of cooperation with artists like Kopel, Pop Art, Roger Rabbit, Berg, Tripical, and the project ShakerZ together with one of the Psycraft guys, it really seems like today Omiki is a horn of plenty himself – spitting a pulsing stream of bass frequencies and a rainbow of dazzling sounds and melodies!