Olivia Belli

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Hi, here it’s Olivia. I love making music mainly with a piano or even better with all kinds of pianos: Grand, Upright, Contemporary, Old and Noisy, Virtual. Each piano has a special voice that inspires to me different tones. I also enjoy manipulating the sound that comes out adding material inside them or using electronics, sound samples recorded in my home, surroundings or during my travels.
After having lived in big cities I decide to settle with my family in the open countryside: we chose the rolling hills of Marche (Italy) where I finally found the right atmosphere to focus on my creativity, following the natural rhythm of nature that’s a strong inspiration for me.
I have been releasing, as an independent, since December 2016: first playing the most important contemporary composers who influence me, then with my original songs.
My debut album “Where Night Never Comes” was published in October 2018 and it is all about the small and big things of a perfect day I wish would never finish. It was supported by a successfully Kickstarter campaign, chosen by Kickstarter as “Project We Love”, winner of the “Best Modern Classical Album 2018” by SoloPiano.com (USA). Since then, many new projects came out: through all of them, I want to share inspiring stories that moved and deeply involved me with the hope that they resonate with you too. Thank you for your time, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. To discover more about my music, life and passions connect at www.oliviabelli.com