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Oleg Vitalievich Timofeyev (born January 12, 1963) is an American guitarist and lutenist of Russian origin, music educator, music historian, one of the leading experts on the history and repertoire of the Russian seven-string guitar.
Born in Moscow. Mother, Natalia Markovna Timofeeva, is a professional cellist. In his youth, he took guitar lessons from Camille Frauchi.
In 1989 he moved to the USA. Russian Russian Guitar In 1993 he received a master's degree from the University of Southern California; in 1999 he defended his doctoral dissertation on "The Golden Age of the Russian Guitar: Repertoire, performance practice and social functions of Russian seven-string guitar music (1800-1850)" at Duke University.
He is also known for recordings of Klezmer repertoire, traditional and modern Jewish songs in Yiddish.
Currently lives in the USA, teaches at the University of Iowa.