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Nathaniel in Hebrew means “GODS GIFT”

Shalom in Hebrew means Peace, Happiness, Joy, Plus more…. Shalom basically encompasses every positive word under the Sun,Moon & Stars!

So Nathaniel Shalom placed together creates “GOD GIFT IS PEACE & JOY” & this is exactly what Nathaniel Shalom is trying to spread to the Earth through music!

Born & raised in Hackney, East London has risen up himself amongst peer pressures & negative energy to become a budding musician solely dedicated to spreading positivity, love, upliftment, motivation & inspiration.

Turning point to becoming a music artist was sadly suffering from depression, anxiety & panic attacks from 2013-2014 due to bad irresponsible habits and also just not being happy with life due to unsuccessful ventures like becoming a football player….

It was via music that Nathaniel began to self heal himself through writing lyrics and expressing how he felt and what was troubling him! Music became his own therapy to let go of painful emotions and feelings that had been harboured up within his mind and spirit!

Fast forward today…. Nathaniel Shalom is using music to heal others through music & and try make a difference wherever possible.