Natasha Baig

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The Intensifying Star, The Perfect Voice, The Remarkable Style, Resonance in Voice, Precision in Flair, Awe-Inspiring Expressions, Flawless Panache, Breathtaking Élan – all aptitudes existing in one, The Natasha Baig. It was the year 1992 when the voice with unadulterated and picture-perfect melody was born in Northern Reaches of Pakistan, Hunza, ultimately became a national voice in 2013, when Natasha was selected as one of the 6 best voices of Pakistan for Cornetto Music Icons, a reality show, aired on various channels consecutively for months, giving Natasha The Perfect Break! Trained and mentored by Zoe Viccaji, performed “Dekha Na Tha” right during the presence of legendary singer of Pakistan, Alamgir in the show, and hearing BACK-TO-BACK claps for her performances stood a turning point of her career.
With her thin fingers on strings of Guitar, Natasha brings Drizzle of Happiness and Perfect 360 Degree Smile for her Fans when she is on STAGE!
Natasha isn't only a Singer, but the voice of millions of girls who want to live their dreams – Natasha opens a chapter in lives of girls who aspire to fulfill their aspirations, becoming STARS!