Mulah Davinci

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About this artist

Mulah Davinci is an up-and-coming rapper from Georgetown, South Carolina. His music involves versatility that gives a taste of old-school hip hop and modern-day rap. Music that he would describe as “fulfilling.” Since the fifth grade, he’s been making music, and audiences have celebrated him on his style, which he finds to be one of the best compliments to receive for his music. Mulah Davinci humbly takes in the process, as he feels “patience means everything, especially in the music business.” His latest single, “Proteck Ya Peace,” has gotten a lot of positive feedback, which goes along with his fans considering his shows “electrifying.” So far, he has shared the stage with many mainstream artists. Not only does he bring the vibe on stage, but he also likes to give it to the community. He has spent six months at a food bank and has physically helped remodel a school. To keep the momentum, he plans, as he states, “Stay down until you come up. He quotes.