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Playing piano since I was four and studied in a musical school for ten years. Though, I always felt that playing by notes and singing in a choir is not enough to become a musician. I needed to be able to play anything I want by ear so, by starting improvising, I've found my own style of playing. When I teach children to play piano or sing, I offer them improvisation right from the beginning. I wish I was taught that way, since until recently I had hard times to relax and believe in my ability to create my own music. SoundCloud has been a great inspiration for me: I've recorded several albums (songs and instrumentals) since I opened an account on SoundCloud in July, 2012.


There is no a single particular genre on my cloud: my musical tastes are rather eclectic. Jazz and soft rock are my favorites but I also play blues, classical, folk, middle-eastern, New Age, ambient and others. Piano is my instrument but I also do some experiments with arrangement and orchestration. I'm glad you stepped by into my musical world and appreciate your comments and following me.

I've spent fantastic two years on SoundCloud collaborating with over 50 fellow soundclouders in 2012-2014. It's been a great experience and I've learned a lot from them. However, the sheer amount of collaboration requests I am receiving and the lack of time due to changes in my career made it impossible for me to accept such requests. Please take no offense if I refuse to collaborate with you, nothing personal, just the lack of time. I do, however, provide session services (piano and/or vocal), so if you are looking for a session musician, do not hesitate contacting me.


The recording, mixing and mastering is done by my husband (@artyom-tchebotaryov). He is also co-writing some lyrics with me and generating ideas about the arrangement of my songs.

My early piano tracks on the cloud were recorded digitally using either Korg SP-250 keyboard or Yamaha Clavinova digital piano, the final sound is synthesized from MIDI in Propellerhead Reason 7. Recent piano recordings were done on Kawai GE-30 baby grand piano with a stereo pair Audio Technica 4041 mics via ART ProMPAII mic pre-amp and Rode NT mic. Vocal is recorded is recorded using a pair of Rode NT1 mics. For both piano and vocal recordings we use Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 audio interface. In the last couple of years we've been using Pro Tools for composing, mixing and mastering coupled with Native Instruments Komplete.