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Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer Mikey Mike first gained viral attention in 2017 when his fake mug shot appeared on billboards around the city with some claiming he owed “2.3 million in child support” and others requesting that nude photos be sent to the listed e-mail address. The unique street campaign helped promote the irreverent “Doin’ Me,” his Rick Rubin-produced debut single that introduced fans to Mikey Mike’s (real name, Mike Williams) quirky mix of pop, rap, R&B, and hooky indie rock. After learning to play the guitar in sixth grade, Williams was eventually drawn to creating beats and found he had a natural inclination for how music is put together. Throughout his high-school and college days, he immersed himself in beatmaking and production, recording some of his own music and working with other artists on theirs. Basing himself out of L.A., he fielded rejections from various labels and management companies before landing on the idea of resubmitting the same tracks under an alias. Not long afterward (in 2012), he landed a gig producing a song on Rihanna’s Unapologetic album. Over the next few years, while still producing other acts, he began to develop the defiantly deadbeat persona of Mikey Mike, putting up posters around the city with his photo and e-mail address and captions like “New to L.A.,” “Wanna be Friendz?,” and “Interests: Women, Narcotics, Pizza.” After his manager helped pair him up with legendary producer Rick Rubin, Mike revived his viral street marketing campaign to promote his debut single, 2017′s “Doin’ Me.” With a Warner Bros. deal in place, he used part of his new budget to buy billboards around the city that showed a disheveled mug shot and text that alternately read “Have you seen this man? Owes 2.3 million in child support.” and “Ginger curious? Send nudes.” The gambit worked, and helped add an air of mystery to the red-headed singer/rapper/producer as he released additional singles like “Mikey Likes It” and 2018′s “Cooler.” ~ Timothy Monger

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