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Michael Aristotle, was born Quintin Talbert in Brooklyn New York ,1993. He grew up on the Eastside of Atlanta. Raised in a Belizean Household, His parents threw block parties very often with music varying from Reggae, POP, Funk, and Soul, But nothing would strike more of an interest than Hip-Hop, which would stick with him for years to come. At the age of 7, Michael relocated with his family to Florida, until making their permanent stay in Atlanta at 8, the Mecha of Southern Hip-Hop, sparking his talent and eventually leading to teaching himself how to rap. Influenced by Brooklyn MCs "Biggie" and "Jay-Z", Michael would learn how to structure his songs as well as perform by studying them at the age of 12, later on listening to Tribe Called Quest, Kanye West, Outkast, and Pharrell, finding his own lane to start stepping into Atlanta's music scene. He got the stage name, "Michael Aristotle", after playing on a Kanye West name generator. Michael started building his own buzz in Atlanta with critically-acclaimed mixtapes under his belt, leading to a co-sign from DJ Greg Street on Atlanta's Radio Station V-103, a feature in HipHopDX's Hollywood Freestyle Series, Named one of Complex's "Atlanta Artists to Watch", Unsigned Spotlight in Respect Magazine, an 8-Page Spread in BNG Magazine, Outkast A3C Tribute, and more. Michael Aristotle has no ceiling to his artistry, as he creates his own projects and single covers, co-directs his videos, has marketing strategies unheard of, controls his own site and has a consistent sound to his music with his producer "Wili Hendrixs", that represents his life through honest lyrics. Michael Aristotle is on the rise to be Atlanta's next superstar, only a matter of time.