McCormick Percussion Group

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Percussion ensemble formed to explore and record new and unusual works in the idiom. Established by percussionist Robert McCormick.

Rod Alnord, Kelsey Bannon, Jacob Barber, Katlyn Barber, William Brown, Nick Bruno, A.J. Cerrito, Grace Chang, Hayden Dumars, Tyler Evans, Michael Giunta, Adam Gould, David Grullon, Hannah Harper, Wyatt Hatch, Kaycie Howell, Trevor Hund, Alex Lang, Derek Letsche, Lionel Martinez, Maria Petropoulos, Anand Rehsi, Nicolas Remy, Jazmine Rodriguez, Manny Rosedilla, Kyle Spence, Michael Standard, Vincent Tardy, Joe Tremper, Kyle Uber, Ryan Walton, Hannah Warner, Chace Williams.