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Masayah Singer/Songwriter, Dancer R&B singer/songwriter and native of Japan,Masayah was brought up in an international environment. He has lived in Japan, the UK, and the US. He started singing as soon as he started speaking. His Parents were also musicians and influenced him quite a bit while he was growing up. They inspired him to listen to many different kinds of music like classic, rock, blues, country, jazz, soul, R&B, etc. This versatile up bringing formed the music he makes today. When he realized himself he was into R&B, he decided to move to NY to learn what R&B music is all about, and to work towards what seemed to many as just a farfetched dream . After winning some local contests in NY, he had an opportunity to meet with a high-profile R&B producer Bert Price. Bert who worked with various major artists such as Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, B2K, Hikaru Utada, Toshinobu Kubota, and so on had worked together with Masayah. Bert introduced him to his mutual friend who created the 1st project for Hikaru Utada in NY called the,"U3 project", and her 1st solo project, "Cubic U", founder of Soundmen On Wax, Shuji Hirose. Innovator of worldwide dance music label and international DJ, which many underground & high profile artists have worked with in the industry such as Hikaru Utada, Mary.J.Blige, Ja-Rule, Ashanti, G-Unit, Chaka Khan, Kenny Bobien, Dancemania Bass, Soul On The Beach and many more. To succeed as a musical artist has always been a life long dream for Masayah. With the strong determination and humble surroundings, this will drive him to reach his ultimate goal and deliver to the world a new level of musical appreciation. Masayah has been performing live promotional shows within his reach throughout Tokyo, Japan while his name and talent proceeds to rise with authority, claiming an untouched lane within the music industry!! Currently Masayah is working on his first album, as well as creating a song called, "One tree at a time" for the Environment Program. The song was personally requested by the Executive Director of U.N.E.P (United Nations Environment Program). Recently Masayah has worked with James "D.Train" Williams who has worked with various artists like Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross, Storm, a grammy award-winning singer/songwriter who has worked with artists like Usher and Robin Thicke, and Fuego, Jason Derulo's producer.Out with the old and in with the New, Masayah is the new answer for the old question!!!

Michael Jackson, Boyz2Men, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Eric Benetなどに影響を強く受けたMasayahは、ブラックミュージックを学びにニューヨークへと単身、音楽修行に出た。エリートボーカルトレーナーからボーカルスキルを学び、マンハッタンで行なわれたコンテストで優勝した。そしてUsher, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, 久保田利伸や宇多田ヒカルなどのプロデューサーの目に止まり、黒人の町ハーレムにあるスタジオで数々の黒人ミュージシャンとセッションを繰り返し、スキルを磨いた。デモを聞いたグラミー賞受賞者のSadeにお墨付きをもらったMasayahはLAへ移住し、さらに様々な一流ミュージシャン達とセッションを繰り返した。現在、日本で活動を開始したMasayahは、作詞、作曲から、コーラスアレンジ、トラック作りまでも自身で行ない、ソウルフルな歌声で一人でも多くの人の心にメッセージを届けて世の中を良くしたいという思いを強く持って歌っている。