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The Sheffield-based duo Manna consists of Jonathan Quarmby and Kevin Bacon. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, Jonathan and Kevin have credits as producers, writers and musicians on records released on Elektra, Polydor, Wau! Mr. Modo, BMG and Island, their studio a base for many chart records worldwide. It is when working together on their own music however, that they can indulge their personal idiosyncratic tastes.

Their first release as Manna, in 1992, was the acclaimed R-Earth on Wau! Mr. Modo Records. Manna's self-titled debut album, a remarkable blend of ambient, Techno and dub came out on Apollo Records last January, and it is safe to say that it can be consid ered a genuine revelation in its genre. Strange combinations of samples and Oberheim and Prophet 5 sounds are mixed with old noisy boxes such as the Synthi HiFli, routed through forgotten hi-fi processors of the seventies. Recorded totally without multitrack tape, the tracks were mixed as they were being written — no going back.

For live performances Manna are helped out with the addition of E-bow guitar player Clive Dutch, the Synthi HiFli used to the full and a range computer and video graphics. Visitors of the Ambient Weekend in 1995 at De Melkweg in Amsterdam who saw the band's debut live performance, will vouch for their amazing potential.

"Mr. Echo, go to hell. This is Manna from heaven."
(from the film Robinson Crusoe On Mars)