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Get ready to vibe to the uplifting beats of MahRoot's latest single, "Sommarregn," set to drop on May 31st. Embodying the essence of Swedish summer, this track captures the feeling of liberation from winter's darkness and the joy of seeing the light again.
Fronted by Eva Karman, MahRoot has steadily built a following in the Swedish reggae scene with heartfelt and rebellious messages. “Sommarregn” will transport you to a place where the weather doesn't matter if you're with the one you love.
From a solid foundation of roots reggae, influences from jazz and swedish singer/songwriter tradition blend together to the unique sound of MahRoot. Eva 'MaMahRoot' Karman is one of few female producers of reggaemusic and a skilled songwriter with great love for rebellious lyrics with a positive vibe. Creative collaborators are producer, musician and mastering engineer Erik Holmberg @ K51 Studios, guitarist Soma Catomeris (Ital Skurk ), drummer Björn Viitanen and Mysticman (Peter Sjölund, who also features MahRoot’s first release of 2022 - ”Det Du Drömmer Om”).

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