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Lyia Meta is a member of The Recording Academy and a Grammy® Voting Member. An international multi award-winning singer and songwriter she is also an exhibited visual artist and columnist for the independent music magazine Lazie Indie Magazine.
Born in Malaysia and currently based in the country’s capital city, Meta finds her greatest influences in rock and blues, yet she fearlessly defies genre barriers in every project she creates, consistently delivering a refreshing sound that speaks to listeners across generations worldwide.
Meta’s inspiring passion for her craft and her phenomenal ability to effortlessly glide in and out of multiple genres, including metal and country, has led her to win remarkable acclaim around the globe. Upon the release of her debut EP “This is Lyia,” she immediately garnered stunning recognition, receiving six nominations and the award for Best Overall Female Act at the Voice Independent Music Awards (VIMA) in May 2016. Described as "raw," "organic" and "bold," the EP is a striking reflection of her roots in rock, blues, and pop and served as Meta’s springboard into the international circuit.
Following the success of her debut offering, that same year, the enchanting songstress was nominated to the top 5 in the Best New Artist category at the Anugerah Industri Awards (A.I.M), Malaysia’s equivalent of the Grammy ® awards. Selected from more than 700 entries, the nomination gained her recognition on a national level.  
Meta’s latest EP “15013,” released on May 20, 2021, sees the seasoned multi-faceted visionary exploring new sonic territory, resulting in a gorgeous project that blends her earthy blues roots with compelling jazz. Through six breathtaking songs, including the magnificently nostalgic track “Daylight” (Finalist at The Rome Music Video Awards 2021 in the Original Song category), she crafts an impactful story born from a tapestry of the most profound emotions and boldly shares her truth with her fans all over the world. The EP has achieved praise in Rolling Stone India and continues to receive positive press.

A truly global artist, Meta regularly brings her enthralling sound through the Kuala Lumpur club circuit with spectacular performances. She has also been officially invited to perform at the 8th edition of The Texas Sounds Music Awards in Jefferson, Texas this October; and she has been invited by Texas Tech University (Jefferson) to conduct a series of seminars on cultural exchange and tourism in Malaysia, through which she will promote cultural understanding and tourism between nations.

Among Meta’s other many notable achievements include The Gold Medal Award for Best Rock Ballad for her song “Slumber,” awarded to her at the Global Music Awards, California (2017); Radio Wigwam’s Best Female Artist award (2017); The Josie Music Awards’ World Music Artist of the Year award (2018) and multi-genre ARTIST OF THE YEAR award (2019). She also achieved Grammy ®️ Award balloting (Craft Committee) for her song “SLUMBER REMIX” in 2019 and again in 2020 in the Metal Performance category; and she was nominated in two categories for the 2020 International Portuguese Music Awards.