Lô Borges

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Lô Borges, member of the Clube da Esquina, is a composer of several hits like “Um Girassol Da Cor Do Seu Cabelo” and “Paisagem Da Janela,” recorded by Milton Nascimento, Toninho Horta, and other top artists. Raised in Belo Horizonte, Borges was a childhood friend of the other soon-to-be famous members of the Clube da Esquina, like Milton Nascimento, Wagner Tiso, Toninho Horta, and others. At 19 he participated in Nascimento’s Clube da Esquina LP, sharing the composition of the title track. He also wrote, from that album, “O Trem Azul,” “Tudo Que Você Podia Ser,” and “Nuvem Cigana.” In 1973, he released his first solo album, Lô Borges, followed by A Via Láctea (1979) and Os Borges (1980). Nascimento’s Clube da Esquina 2 (1978) brought Borges’ “Ruas da Cidade” and “Pão e Água.” He also recorded Nuvem Cigana (1982), Sonho Real (1984), Solo (1987), and Meu Filme (1996). ~ Alvaro Neder