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The solo project of classically trained vocalist Kristin Hayter, Lingua Ignota fearlessly addresses themes of violence, misogyny, and revenge. Frequently drawing comparisons to Diamanda Galás, Hayter’s vocals range from a delicate soprano to harsh shrieking, and her recordings, including 2019′s Caligula and 2021′s Sinner Get Ready, are ambitious, bracing blends of opera, power electronics, avant-metal, and folk influences.
The Rhode Island-based artist self-released her first two albums, Let the Evil of His Own Lips Cover Him and All Bitches Die, in 2017. A reworked edition of All Bitches Die was issued by Profound Lore in 2018, and Hayter appeared on I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer. by frequent collaborators and tourmates the Body that year. She also contributed to Limbs Bin’s One Happy World and Full of Hell’s 2019 full-length Weeping Choir, and shared a split LP with noise artist the Rita (Sam McKinlay). Lingua Ignota’s Caligula, featuring contributions from many of her previous collaborators in addition to vocalist Mike Berdan (Uniform) and percussionist Ted Byrnes (Wood & Metal), was released in 2019. Following her work in the side project Sightless Pit with Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker and the Body’s Lee Buford, she returned with her fourth album, 2021′s Sinner Get Ready. ~ Paul Simpson