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CB is a rapper with African roots. Since almost 50 years Togo is under dictatorship from there also the rapper comes. Found in a corn field, he grows up in Switzerland. Later, he joined forces with various artists who feared his potential to be under his shadow until one of his best friend died in a motorcycle accident. 2016 - 2022 +60realizations in three languages...
With a totally rebooting and set up he is back we brand mew music still with his Lil Candy Brownie style!!!
He admits that there is still work to do behind the mix, but he knows that all of his time is needed, especially if you do not have a sound engineer training like most in this business...
Switzerland he had left and lives now in Paris.


Short Movie; Role, Lead /Actor:


Music Collabo's:
10 aka Dix
Dj Speedy Macchiato

Africain Black Beauty, Mastered by

Hollywood Composer and most heard Cello Player:
Martin Tillman
In addition to his own compositions, sampling is also part of his field. By chance he met Martin Tillman in Zurich and the contact remained, so it came to the composition "La Vie" which will be released soon. With great pressure and fingertip feeling he sampled Martin Tillman's album "Super Human" which he dedicated for his wife - LCB write the lyric’s about the poetry of life and the love that accompanies it - as a homage even he didn't her.