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Lemaitre are Norway’s latest entry into the smooth, melodic electronic tradition of artists who temper their electronic grooves with adept pop songwriting. “We want to walk the line,” explains Ulrik Denizou Lund, who along with Ketil Jansen is Lemaitre, “and do everything from a loop-based song to straight pop or rock songs that have more structure.”

Both Jansen and Lund loved hip-hop and rock, but the core of their fandom was “cool electronic music, like Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx,” Lund says. They were both huge Daft Punk fans, and when they connected, Jansen says, “We wanted to sound like Justice — that would have been the ultimate success, to sound like Cross." Fellow Norwegians Röyksopp were also hugely formative. “We both wanted to do something different than what we'd done before,” Jansen says. “We agreed from the start that we wanted to do live shows.” (Jansen had DJed and still does, occasionally).

The new 1749 EP is just a taste: Lemaitre will be finishing their new album by year’s end, for release in 2016. “It’s a culmination of everything that we've learned,” Jansen says. It’s also got way different things than we've done before. We feel really good about the music we have. We've been on a roll for a while.” Among the top-secret goodies on tap: a series of R&B collaborators on tracks, they hint, with a Motown flavor. “We're just writing and writing every day,” Jansen says.

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