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Lava Dreams (she/they) is a talented queer artist based in Kansas City, Missouri who started writing songs at the age of five. She taught herself how to play guitar and formed a band with her younger brother while still in elementary school. After performing in several bands throughout high school and college, her passion for music led her to pursue a solo career in 2017 under the name Lava Dreams.

Since then, Lava Dreams has written and released several singles and an EP titled "GOOD ENERGY + FOCUS," produced in collaboration with Duncan Burnett. The project was highly praised by 909 The Bridge as one of the best EPs of 2020. Lava Dreams' music is characterized by her ethereal vocals, vulnerable lyrics, danceable rhythms, and groovy instrumentals, making her an exciting figure in the Alternative Pop scene.

Her creative vision extends beyond music and into the visual realm. She directed and edited a music video for the EP's second track, "Rhythm”. Her latest single, "R.I.P. THE OLD ME," is also a showcase of her skills as a producer- delivering a darker, live sound featuring distorted guitars and transformative lyrics.

As an artist who uses their creations as an outlet for true expression, Lava Dreams is dedicated to writing music that lifts the spirit and speaks to the soul. You can find Lava Dreams' music on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Youtube. Be sure to check out her music and experience the world of Lava Dreams for yourself.