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Singer and songwriter Lauren Fincham was born in Jacksonville, FL, but later made her home in Atlanta, GA. She is self-taught and didn’t begin to perform professionally until she was 24 years old. Her first paying gig was at the local Elks Club. She played the only three songs she knew from beginning to end; that happened to be an Eagles’ song, one by Eddie Arnold, and one tune from Joni Mitchell. For Fincham’s entertainment, she earned the payment of a buffet meal — all you can eat style — and a couple of bloody mary drinks. It was four years later before she began writing songs and performing full-time. In 1991, Fincham recorded her debut album, Soul Guardians, released under the Twelfth House Records label. “Just to Survive,” “The Last Parade,” and “Sebastian Point” are some of the tracks listed on the debut. After offering her talents for use on a compilation album in 1993, she finished work on a solo sophomore offering the next year, titled Savants. It was followed up in 1997 by Show and Tell. After lots of planning, work on a new release for early 2001 got under way in 2000. Between recording her own tunes and doing session work for other artists, Fincham has toured often, performing at coffeehouses and clubs. She has also opened for groups such as John and Mary, Toad the Wet Sprocket, and others. Fincham’s music has been called a mix of electric guitar rock, alternative folk, and dark acoustic ballads. ~ Charlotte Dillon