Korra Obidi

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About this artist

Korra is a Nigerian princess living in Los Angeles. Most of her artistic inspiration comes from her heritage: rich in sensual but powerful lyrics and afrobeat motives, Korra’s creative flow is full of female warrior energy that is deeply connected to her kinship. Korra’s new life in California inspired her to get more engaged in activism and become a stronger voice for African women and girls. Here in LA she realized that it doesn’t matter who you are, social media influencer or a musician, it’s important to actively learn about others, uplift your community and use your platform to create changes: whether it’s inspiring people or being vocal about social and political issues. While exploring her activist identity, participating in BLM movement, learning more about feminism and supporting LGBTQ+ community here in LA, Korra realized that not so many people in her home country, Nigeria, are ready to actively address some systematic problems. Through her songs and music videos she wants to unite Nigerian females and make them feel heard, loved, motivated and visible, so they can create changes together.

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