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Klunks is an experimental electronic composer based in Bergen Norway. He works with synthesis, field recording and beat science to create dense tapestries of sounds that are held together with a jazz sensibility. Klunks is inspired by an affinity for acousmatic and electroacoustic contemplations that are designed specifically for intimate headphone sessions. The albums feature deconstructed found sounds that are spliced through a maze of signal processing, shard like vocal samples, lush atmospherics and cerebral drum patterns that surge up and descend throughout the listening experience. Klunks aims to create the feeling of an electronic itineration from one synthesised space to the next, which suggests a feeling of transience, collapsing environments and peculiar nostalgia. It is as though the listener becomes an observer of a sound-world through the window of a moving train, scenes passing and spaces morphing through acceleration. At times agitated and chaotic, but also deeply embedded in sensitive modular improvisations.