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For me not to be restricted to a particular electronic music genre gives me the impression of having no feelings of oppression around me. For me this part is essential as I wouldn’t be as personal in my tracks as I am right now.

You can say I’m experimental and I’m quite minimalistic. Started producing for good in autumn 2018 as a hobby and it is still a hobby but a very serious one. My goals are not money or fame. I enjoy making these tracks and I do love every single one of them! I am releasing a lot of these tracks on every online music plattform like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Beatport just to name the big ones. But my philosophy is to give everyone a chance to listen to my music for free. If you like what you hear, head over to Spotify or the other plattforms and follow me. And if you’re only listening here on SoundCloud then this is totally fine because I appreciate every support! I know for sure that this journey will go on and that there are a lot of things out there for me to discover. So join me on my journey and have a good time listening to my tracks ranging from Minimal through Techno to Deep House to the holy grail called House with some or a lot of experimental touches.

Every track is a story.

This is just the beginning.

Cheers 🤙

Musical background (completely self taught):

Started with a turntable in my childhood which I used to play and sing along 😅. At the age of 14 I started learning to play guitar. As I had to change school due to my family was moving to another location, for the first time I peaked into the land of electronic music production (that was around 1997-1999). A friend of mine showed me some things he did with a program I didn’t remember the name but this was very simple so to speak. I tried my first steps with that program but lost the fun of it very fast, maybe just a couple of weeks. Later on I played bass in a Punk band for I think 1-2 years. After that there wasn’t much left regarding playing with people or writing music. I did kept playing my guitar though. As I went back to school to get my degree (Abitur) which I didn’t reached the first time in regular school (I was very lazy at that point back in my life due to very much daily weed consumption). But times changed for me and so I did it the second time. During that period I was again introduced back into electronic music. I started to play around with Ableton Lite but nothing ever came out of that. Mostly because I used it for my electric guitar and for learning to play the piano. That time period has to be from 2008-2012. But I have to say that I was quite interested in everything related to production. So I dug deep down the tutorial hole on YouTube and I guess I learned a lot in this time watching all those videos. And I for sure wasn’t aware that this could lead to something like it is right now.

A few years after that and hours of tutorial videos later, after which I constantly tried to recreate the things I just learned, Ostkreuz was made. (Check that track to read the story behind this one). And that marked a point where I completely stopped making music.

Well and during the next 3 years although I played as a temporary drummer in the band of my brother-in-law for a couple of months, I did not touch Ableton at all and time just flow by.

Then 2018 happened. It started regularly but my life changed in the middle of the year. I was again introduced back into the world of electronic music and this time particularly Techno. This time it was for good and I felt it immediately. In autumn I started to produce again but this time I had the intention and the will and mostly the inspiration and fun I so desperately missed all the time in my life. In my holidays over Christmas I made four tracks after I really enjoyed working on Insania. And it was a fun time. I felt so much joy and happiness making these tracks that

I just keep doing it.

I love it.

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