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Experimental electronic music producer Klara Lewis constructs haunting, quasi-rhythmic pieces using field recordings, samples, and digital manipulation. Most of her releases, including 2014 debut Ett and Care, a 2018 collaboration with Simon Fisher Turner, have appeared on respected Austrian label Editions Mego.
The daughter of Wire bass player Graham Lewis, Klara grew up in Sweden and made tentative steps toward making music in 2009. She debuted with a self-released EP in 2012, filled with choppy, nearly industrial rhythms built from found sounds and effects. Two years later, all three of its tracks appeared as part of the Editions Mego album Ett, which was quickly trailed by the four-track Msuic EP for Peder Mannerfelt’s eponymous label. Another album for Editions Mego, Too, arrived in 2016. A pair of its tracks involved input from Simon Fisher Turner. Remixes for Carmen Villain and Factory Floor were released in 2017, and a full-length collaboration with Fisher Turner, Care, appeared in 2018. “Ingrid,” a 20-minute composition built around a single cello loop, was issued in 2020. ~ James Pearce & Andy Kellman