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About me :)

Katrina Anastasia, an all around Artist and Entrepreneur.
Born and raised in Toronto, this Canadian experiments with a dynamic range of vocal melodies; sewn together by alluring harmonies that hug her vocals, these grounded by the stories of her time here and the thoughts within her mind.
Truly an intimate experience for her listeners.

Her unique artistry is a near tribute to those of Amy Winehouse, Gwen Stefani, and Stevie Nicks combined.
Nostalgic sense of trip-hop, portrayed with her personal twist of self expression and exploration.
She intends to continuously develop, allowing herself to discover the true extent of her artistry.

Accompanied by an ear for music, is Katrina’s eye for fashion and design.
She works harmoniously; curating her style to her music and vice versa.
Witness her synchronicity within the captivating visuals for her debut single “Soba”. 

A bundle of love and creativity, she continues to actively learn, evolve, and share her experiences as she presses forward in her career.

Her debut single “Soba” has been available on all platforms since February 9th , 2021.

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