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Katrina Anastasia, an all around Artist and Entrepreneur.
Born and raised in Toronto, she experiments with a dynamic range of vocal melodies; sewn together by alluring vocals and grounded by the stories of her time here and the thoughts within her mind.
Truly an intimate experience for her listeners.
A songwriter eager to grow, tell, and perform.
Continuously exploring all of the possibilities within and outside of structure.
This is portrayed through her self expression and exploration, digesting inspiration from the wide array of genres she enjoys.
Accompanied by an ear for music, is her eye for fashion and design.
She works harmoniously; curating her style to her music and vice versa.
She inspires others to dress more sustainably not only by shopping second hand but creating pieces out of recycled materials.
As seen in her music video “I41” where she stitches together 155 recycled masks.
And most recently taking recycled packaging plastic and creating a puffer style jacket as seen in her “1 Step” music video off her new EP “It’s cool to care.”

A bundle of love and creativity, she continues to actively learn, evolve, and share her experiences as she presses forward in her career.
Her latest single “TMWYL” (Acoustic) is a stripped down version of what she usually does. Performing just her and her guitar.
This song is about realizing that without communication nothing will work out.
Understanding that you don’t have to change who you are to please someone else, ever.
It’s cool to care. 04.22.2022
You can find her on social media as @katrina.anastasia and contact her through email at [email protected]

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