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As most dj's Jonez' musical journey began at a young age, loving and listening all styles of music, going to festivals and gigs, playing that one album over and over again..
At age 16 entering his first club he became infected with the nightlife; the music, the people, the party's, the atmosphere... Talking to fellow dj's made him realize his love for house music was as big as theirs!
In december 2007 he bought his first turntables and records and not much longer he had his first residency at Ignition Ninove. After Ignition closed its doors in 2009 he had the opportunity to set up a team of dj's to reside at D-Tox Club where he played almost every Friday and Saturday night.

In the meanwhile boosting his own successful Lala Land concept and playing clubs and festivals around the country! His perfect blend of deep, tech, vocal, and uplifting sounds will have you fist-pumping in no time!