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If you like it, PLEASE FOLLOW AND SHARE MY MUSIC, AND COMMENT TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!! I appreciate all the support and feedback from everyone that supports me, please continue to help me get my music out and expand! ALSO, feel free to add me and follow me on the social media sites i have listed, i'm very open to meeting new people and even collaborating! My name is Jordan Samuel, and im a rapper/singer. I've been doing music since I was 2 years old, starting writing in 5th grade, and started trying to record in 6th grade. I produce my own stuff other than tracks that say "Prod. By ......". I make beats, write my own lyrics, and record everything myself. I play drums, and keys, and a little bit of the guitar. Just some basic facts about me I guess lol. Much love to you all that took the time to visit my page, and you can download the mixtape on