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Best remembered for the rock ballad “Music,” singer John Miles was born April 23, 1949 in Jarrow, England. His first musical venture of note was the Influences, which also launched the careers of Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson and Geordie guitarist Vic Malcolm; following the group’s breakup, he formed the John Miles Band, relocating to London in 1975 and soon landing a deal with Decca. Miles' debut LP Rebel followed a year later, launching the UK hit “Highfly”; the follow-up, the epic ballad “Music,” reached the British Top Five and paved the way for a U.S. tour in support of Elton John. 1977′s Stranger in the City also yielded a Top Ten entry in “Slow Down,” but successive efforts like 1978′s Zaragon, 1979′s More Miles Per Hour and 1981′s Miles High failed to recreate Miles' initial flush of success. In the wake of 1985′s Transition, he lent vocals to projects from the Alan Parsons Project and Jimmy Page, subsequently touring behind acts including Tina Turner and Joe Cocker; Upfront, Miles’ first new solo album in eight years, followed in 1993. ~ Jason Ankeny