John Mayer

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Initially viewed as a younger take on the music of Dave Matthews, John Mayer's earnest and earthy pop has grown in popularity and reputation since his 1999 debut. Mayer sings mellow pop songs in an expressive tenor voice, and is an assured, harmonically astute acoustic guitarist whose jazzy phrasing fills out his songs nicely. His 2001 sophomore album Room For Squares was a pleasant, non-abrasive pop album that launched him to major label success. While maintaining his commercial appeal, he's since expanded his musical styles, proving that he's a true crossover artist that effortlessly commands the blues guitar. Mayer has collaborated with such diverse talents as Common, Herbie Hancock, Kanye West and even comedian Dave Chappelle, and receiving nods from legends like B.B. King and Eric Clapton hasn't phased the star. His 2006 release Continuum reached platinum status and brought out Mayer's socially conscious side.

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