Jerry Goldsmith

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Jerry Goldsmith has been the most consistent and consistently innovative film composer of the last four decades. He scores an average of six films a year and yet his music remains vital -- even his hack work has merit. With an equally firm grasp on classical, Avant-Garde, and jazz forms, he freely explores any avenue. His theme for The Omen has been ripped off by so many of his peers that he should receive royalties. Goldsmith's combination of synthesizers with jazz soloists in Chinatown still sounds timeless. Unfortunately, today's producers want him to churn out over-the-top pseudo-symphonies -- like The Mummy in 1998 -- and he often doesn't get to work at the height of his powers. But with his busy schedule, he can work on a couple of pet projects per year. Listen to his score for L.A. Confidential. Like most of Goldsmith's scores, it is the perfect marriage of music, character, and mood.