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About this artist

Some singers use a lot of effects on their voices, while other's voices are able to affect a lot. This Southern bell's ability to captive the listener by combining intelligence and wit with her awe-inspiring serenade puts her into a lane traveled by few. But Je’Melody is in the driver's seat and is taking all in her realm along with her on her musical journey to greatness.

This beautiful songbird is obviously no stranger to the studio but she's also a veteran of the big stage. A lifelong student of soulful acts like Mary J. Blige, Je’Melody seeks to entertain in both the musical and acting worlds like her heroes. It's just the type of challenge that motivates her.

So, whether she's lulling audiences with her warbling or enthralling them with her characters, Je’Melody will be entertaining the masses one way or another. It's the destiny that she was born to fulfill. And she's already begun her launch towards stardom.