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When you speak of real life street music, it’s a must Jboiybp is in the discussion. Born August 8th, 1991 thirty mins below Atlanta, Jeremi White aka Jboiybp is from a small city Griffin known as “The Grip” with the population of about 30,000. “Even though it’s a small city don’t think it’s not still a lot going on” says Jboiybp. Ranking #8 of the worst cities in Georgia, crime rates are at a high and so is the incarceration rate. “I have friends and family that I haven’t seen since I was a kid and some that I may never see again” says Jboiybp. “My music speaks to the mass of people in the struggle no matter your color, where you from, or your beliefs, everywhere has a ghetto. People want to hear things that they are going thru every day and not just the usual cars, money, clothes, ho**” says Jboiybp.
Jboiybp has worked with artist such as Yung Ralph of Atlanta Ga formerly signed to Universal Republic Records. Homebwoi of Griffin Ga. formerly signed with Collipark Music. New to the industry, he has dropped three mixtape projects “Shooting for the Starz” (2010) “Real $hit Only” (2014) and his latest project “Trench Drippin” in which Jboiybp and Yung Ralph collab to do an 8-song project. With the debut single buzzing, “Give it to em” Jboiybp is destined for greatness. “I have been doing music since I was twelve years old, I have always had a love for all genres of music. Even when people didn’t believe in me I never gave up I’ve always stayed true to myself and focused on the Goal of becoming one of the Greatest of the Culture” Says Jboiybp.
Some of Jboiybp’s influencers are Tupac, T.I., Pimp C, Gucci Mane, and Boosie. “Not only are these some of the greats in my book but they are people who I can relate to. They overcame so many adversities, trials and tribulations, and never gave up and kept their head high while going thru it and for that, I will always give these guys respect”. “Its not how you start it’s how you finish” a quote famously stated by former President Barack Obama, is something that Jboiybp lives by. Two-time felon, College Dropout, and in a city where there are not many resources financially, or entertainment industry wise. Jboiybp always quotes “I will never quit I refuse to lose.”
Jboiybp has a lot to offer the music industry, very particular of the music he chooses to release, he quotes “I write daily, I’m always studying the business, and trying to perfect my craft as much as I can.” Jboiybp understands the formula for success is hard work and consistency, and these rules are instilled into his everyday routine. “It’s not many people period that handles business like Jboiybp, he is going to definitely be a BIG name in the industry” quotes Yung Ralph
Be on the look-out for Jboiybp and follow him on all social media and video streaming sites at Jboiybp. Visit his Website at www.Jboiybp.Com Music available everywhere. More music coming very soon!