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JB first started out as a Rap DJ in the 80's when he teamed up with rapper Mr Senior and formed a small group called Heist. Rap music was very much the influence in JB's earlier career scratching and deck to deck chopping 2 of the same instrumental tracks while the MC rapped over it.

Then JB started building his studio while studying a sound engineering course at Sandwell College. This led to him getting into the Rave/Hardcore scene as a lot of his college friends were in to this music. "This music really caught me because of the technology being used to make these tracks" JB hungry for production, then got to meet and release tracks on Fokus Recordings in London with Tim Taylor & DJ Taktix, JB started piercing his way into this amazing and ever moving futuristic scene.

JB opened his own record shop and together launched his own record label of the same name, Back 2 Basics Recordings was born. B2B only in it's very early days was already making a huge impact on the scene, JB collaborating with DJ Taktix had produced one of B2B's first classics "The Way". This classic pushed the label into full recognition, with every DJ lucky enough to get it on dub plate playing it, and all the rest hungry for it.

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