Jahzel Dotel

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Jahzel Dotel

/Jah·zelle/ - /Doh·tell

Artist/Singer/Songwriter (ASCAP)

Jahzel Dotel, is a Dominican-American singer-songwriter from Miami, FL. She has performed all over South Florida since 2010 as well as nationally and internationally, including Dominican Republic, Spain, Colombia, and The Bahamas.

Jahzel, with a jazz background and heavily influenced by the Miami tropical and Spanglish vibes, she creates an alternative pop/soulful sound with her unique vocals, while honoring her Caribbean roots with some rhythmic styles. She released her debut album in April of 2016, called Leftovers and since then has released multiple singles and is currently recording her second album.

Jahzel Dotel has also collaborated as a singer, dancer, and actress with Alma Dance Theater, Pioneer Winter Collective, The Red Velvet Theater, The Front Yard Theater Collective.

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