Ivan Graziani

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Talented Italian guitarist Ivan Graziani formed his first band, the Serogan, in 1963, playing along with Giuseppe Canala, Bruno Tartaglia, and Luciano Cordivani. Soon after, he became the lead singer/guitarist in a project called Anonima Sound, teaming up with bassist Walter Monacchi and drummer Velio Gualazzi. After the band broke up in 1972, Ivan Graziani decided to go on his own, issuing his debut album, called Desperation in 1973, followed by La Citta Che Io Vorrei. In addition to his instrumental skills, the artist became an actor in 1981, playing a role in the movie Italian Boys, also writing a book called Arcipielago Chieti in 1988, based on his own experiences during the first years of his career. ~ Drago Bonacich