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Known for quirky, abstract, and eccentric songs, Philadelphia alternative rockers Huffamoose have enjoyed a small but enthusiastic cult following since the early ’90s. The uncompromising band was formed in 1992 when singer Craig Elkins joined forces with guitarist Kevin Hanson, bassist Jim Stager, and drummer Erik Johnson (who was replaced by Chuck Treece in the late ’90s). The rockers, all of whom had been music majors at Philly’s Temple University, recorded their self-titled debut album for the 7 label in 1993. By 1997, Huffamoose was signed to Interscope; unfortunately, they weren’t there for very long. Although 1997′s We've Been Had Again (Huffamoose’s second album) received its share of favorable coverage, Interscope ended up dropping the band. After that experience, the Philadelphians were feeling fed up with the music business, and for awhile it looked like Huffamoose might break up for good. But they decided to keep plugging away, and in 1999, Huffamoose signed with Shanachie. I Wanna Be Your Pants, the band’s third album, came out in 2000. ~ Alex Henderson