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British indie-electro rockers HMLTD synthesize elements of synth pop and punk into a grinding, pulsating melange, while adding experimental flourishes.
Formed in London in 2015, originally as Happy Meal Ltd., the band was fronted by flamboyant vocalist Henry Spychalski and additionally comprised the mononymous James and Duke on guitars, Nico on bass, and Achilleas on drums. Taking visual inspiration from glam and new romantic, and musically from synth pop and punk, they forged an androgynous, gender-bending aesthetic that attracted a lot of attention, and some controversy. Musically, they were compared to everything from David Bowie to Depeche Mode, but also incorporated avant-garde flourishes drawing from EDM, experimental pop, and Japanese anime soundtracks. Their debut single “Stained” appeared in 2016, followed by two more singles in 2017 and their debut EP “Hate Music Last Time Delete” the following year. 2020 saw the release of their feverishly anticipated debut album West of Eden, which featured most of their previously released singles, including the robotic “The West Is Dead.” ~ John D. Buchanan