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Greg Maroney is a contemporary pianist and composer whose emotionally rich and accessible music is played and loved around the world. Peaceful and serene or dark and passionate, his compositions reflect a life lived in harmony with nature and a profound love of the beauty surrounding him. Greg lives with his wife Linda, and a few dogs, on a small farm in south central Pennsylvania.
Never a dull moment, there will be more music coming in the future. Stay tuned! Sheet music for many of his compositions is available on his website, some with simple and advanced versions. More songs are being added as they are transcribed.
The message Greg would like to convey with his music is this: Walk gently on this earth, treat others as you would like to be treated. Shape your outlook to react with love, compassion and presence. Music can open the heart and let in sunlight. If you allow this to happen it will make your day that much brighter!