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The term "angry rapper" is often used to describe some of our hip hop pioneers. Still, occasionally, a fun and charismatic artist comes along to change that depiction by giving us energy & hype. Exla Music's new artist, Goodlook, out of Cincinnati, Ohio, is that breath of fresh air we've been waiting on. He's here to update our playlist by serving us club bangers and twerk anthems. Goodlook got his professional start in the music industry as a well-dressed party promoter, but creating music has been his passion since junior high school. If you come across Goodlook off stage, you would not expect the calm, laid-back, mind on his business hustler to transform and channel all his energy into a high impact, lit performer, but that is what he's all about.

When you work hard and make things happen, you should also get to play hard; so for that person that's had a long day or needs something fun to work out to, you've come to the right place—currently pushing his latest single, "Rich Dance", a record for everybody out here that's about their money. Goodlook wants you to dance as if you just hit the lottery; even if it's a regular payday and that entire check is going out to bills, you feel accomplished and happy, hit that "Rich Dance". On the flip side, if you have no hustle and expect that money to hit out of nowhere, Goodlook makes it clear that you are in the way and need to move because he has no time to give you.

As a fresh, emerging, and motivated artist, Goodlook is already locked and loaded with his follow-up banger. "Good Friday" is that dope vibe we all get after a long week, and we know the weekend is going to be blessing us with a good time, and Goodlook is ready to give us the official soundtrack to go along with the excitement. Stay tuned and prepare to hear Goodlook on your radio, at the club, and in your car. The life of the party is HERE!!! Itz Goodlook!