About God$on AKA WiZdOm

God$on ♡WiZdOm♡
is my New God Given Name which is WiZdOm

God$on has been inspired thru a rough life of Prescription Pill Abuse,Alcoholism,Physical and mental abuse to now make it his Soul Mission to help others see life past the Past mistakes. He now has over 4 years clean.

He has released several Projects In accordance with
Mark 11:23-24 hasn't been a Mountain not dissolved by God

God$on has massed 2 Million Streams on Spotify
& also has massed over 100K views on YouTube

#MentalVibesPodcast Hosted by the Bipolar Brothers Crew Hosted by
Co Founders God$on (WiZdOm)
& PapaJohn956 (Bipolar_Cowboy)

God$on Plans on in 2022 will be Setting up Speaking Engagements with his new Bipolar Brothers Crew as Well as Promte his New venture #DestinyDesigns co Founder along with G$ Ministry & other Co Founder G$ Ministry

along with Performances as Well. Virtual or in Person God$on is claiming 2021 for God #ImJustMe

also check out other #2020VisionTeam Members & LGTWO Family

Stream Wolves by God$on Feat WiZdOm

Black Rain No Pain

All Playlists on @Spotify

Latest single Flaws Reborn mixed &mastered by LGTWO

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