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North Carolina-based artist glaive makes wistful, confessional songs combining influences such as Midwestern emo, trap, pop, and EDM. While the upbeat melodies and genre fluidity of releases such as 2020′s Cypress Grove EP have cause listeners to lump glaive in with the hyperpop scene, his music sidesteps the irony of much of the movement, with the majority of his lyrical content focusing on disappointment and depression.
Residing in a small town in North Carolina, glaive connected with friends through Discord and became a member of the slowsilver03 collective, along with other hyperpop-affiliated musicians such as osquinn and kurtains. He started releasing music in early 2020, including solo singles like “Life Is Pain” and “Clover,” as well as guest appearances on tracks by artists such as Ericdoa and Savage Ga$p. After gaining an online following, glaive signed to Interscope when he was still a sophomore in high school and released his debut EP, Cypress Grove, in November. ~ Paul Simpson