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Hailing from Philadelphia, Pa., by way of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., this analog-based experimental metal trio formed in 2004, and have been devout road warriors ever since. Mixing I.D.M. and noise with grind core and doom metal, Genghis Tron-- Mookie Singerman (vocals), Michael Sochynsky (keyboards) and Hamilton Jordan (guitars) -- formed their own synthesized brew of extreme music dubbed "electro-grind." In live as well as recorded performances, Genghis Tron simulate drum and bass effects using a drum machine and keyboard fills. Their chaotic debut, 2006's Dead Mountain Mouth, grabbed the attention of the media and also gained these tour enthusiasts attention from Decibel Magazine, where Singerman contributes a monthly column based on Genghis Tron's stories from the road called "Smile, You're Traveling." After signing to Relapse Records, they released their sophomore album, 2008's Board Up the House, to critical acclaim. Upping the ante with more melodious departures and streamlined storytelling this time around, Genghis Tron continue to invent and reinvent their own unique style.