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About this artist

Galen Pierre is an all-around genre-bending artist, songwriter, and producer from Memphis, TN. In December 2012, Galen Pierre moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where he learned more about the business side of music. Alongside his two cousins, he co-created Black Advocate LLC in July 2013. While working with various artists from Memphis and St. Louis, Galen Pierre has collected over 38000 streams since his highly anticipated debut album When Brilliance Erupts was released in 2019.

With hit singles that range from 'Andale' to Carbons and Aus, Galen Pierre has showcased consistent versatility and authenticity in his music. His newest release of 2022, The Reality of Romance tapped into a storytelling format that places more of a non-superficial version of love and its realistic expectations. Songs like "Tryst", describe the truths of nervousness and the antsy ness of getting the first date right for both parties involved. While also having tracks like “Done” that discusses the ending of a relationship and lie out the feelings that need to express rather good, bad, or indifferent.

“The goal is to make dope shit from a real place, while not having to alter my beliefs and morals for listens and streams. I’d rather be thankful and grateful for people who listened to my music and got to know me in the process.”