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About this artist

Friction is known for his unique, irresistible mix of Afrobeats and Reggae, and unforgettable live performances. He is based in Holland and touring the world non-stop with his band The Roots Drivers. Friction’s music is unique, and so is his story. Friction was born and raised in the ghetto in Accra (Ghana) and managed to establish a beautiful international music career.

As a teenager Friction started the music crew VIP (Vision in Progress) in Ghana, which became one of Africa’s most well-known music groups and a big example for the Ghanaian youth; because they came out of one of Accra’s biggest ghetto’s they were, and still are, a huge example and inspiration. Besides that, Friction started rapping and singing in a local language called Hausa as the first young artist, making the ghetto youth see him and VIP as their representation. After a couple of years with VIP, Friction decided to continue as a solo artist to develop himself. In 2006 he auditioned for a Dutch music university and got admitted as the first African artist ever. Since then he is based in Holland, focussing on his music career from there. Throughout the years he has released multiple singles and albums, and together with his band, he is touring the world.